„It’s all about cycling, isn’t it?“

Well, not really. There are many other things in my life. Important ones like family and friends. Not so important ones like shopping (except for bikes), casualty insurance, cars etc.
Family is off course my number one followed on 2nd place by cycling. Cycling is not just a hobby, it is more like a passion. Don’t get me wrong. I do not know who won the TDF 2002 … not even who won it last year. I like watching races, but for me it is more about being on the road or in the woods with one of my 4+1 bikes.

This little project here is a proof of concept if you wish, to replace my Instagram account. I want to share my photos and stories mainly with people I know and with everybody who is interested. I am not looking for Likes and Comments and you will probably not find any personal photos and information in the public area.

Wondering who you’re dealing with here? Well, if you were to meet me on the street on my road bike, you would probably think of a “MAMIL” – Middle Aged Men in Lycras. And yes, I do have a little belly. I mean, I’m German and of course I love beer.

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